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Happy Halloween from Viki!

Do you have your Halloween costume picked out yet? Will you be donning a tuxedo and shades for the PSY look, or a knockout superhero outfit like Darna? If you’ve got a great costume, you could win a prize in our Halloween Dress Up contest, from now until Halloween!

Here are some Asian horror and supernatural-themed movies and series to get you in the Halloween spirit.

Black Honeymoon (신혼여행) is the story of a Jeju Island vacation gone horribly wrong. It is available to viewers worldwide, except in Korea.

Our Indonesian horror movies are especially entertaining to watch. The Empty Chair (Bangku Kosong) is about a classroom terrorized by a possessed student who was once made to sit in the haunted “empty chair.” And in the horror-comedy Evil Nurse (Suster Keramas), Kayla and her friends stay in a haunted, secluded villa. All films are available to viewers worldwide.

The Empty Chair

In the Korean horror film Dead Friend, which is is available to viewers worldwide, Min Ji Won (played by Kim Ha Neul from A Gentleman’s Dignity) loses her memory, and while she tries to recover it, she learns that three of her closest friends are dead or dying after coming in contact with a vengeful ghostly presence.

If you’re looking for something to enjoy with the whole family, check out Don Dracula, a sweet Japanese short animated series by legendary anime creator Osamu Tezuka. The story is about a family of vampires who are transported in their house from Romania to Tokyo. The series available worldwide except for Japan and Spain.

Viewers in the South East Asia region can follow The Paranormal Research Society as they try to uncover the truth behind possible paranormal events in Paranormal State.

Vampire Cop Ricky (흡혈형사 나도열) is a more lighthearted Halloween film, about a corrupt cop who transforms into a vampire whenever he is sexually aroused. The main actor played Im Taesan in A Gentleman’s Dignity! This movie is available worldwide, except in Korea.

Vampire Cop Ricky

Whether you’re planning a movie marathon, going to a costume party, or trick-or-treating around town, we hope you have a fun and spooky Halloween!

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New Feature: Contributor Search

We’re excited to announce that a new feature that allows Channel staff to more easily find contributors to join their Channel Teams, is now live! The feature is called “Contributor Search” and allows Channel Managers, Moderators and QCs to search a database of community members who have, in their profile settings, stated that they want to contribute to videos.

You’ll be able to access Contributor Search from the Community Page

Channel Managers, Moderators and QCs are now able to search for community members who are interested in subtitling, segmenting, moderating, as well as managing a channel. You’ll also able to filter your results by the number of hours a potential contributor is available for, or to only see QCs. You’ll also be able to message members directly from your search results.

Contributor Search is available under the Community Page, or you can go directly to the page via the URL Also, make sure that you update your profile settings so that other Channel staff members are able to search for and contact you!

Sample search results

We hope you’re as excited as we are for this new feature! A special “thank you” goes out to our beta testers, jojoo, klaudiotta, cgwm808, yolswels091, trucalling, Nonochii, mounlight, Miss_Z23, ileana80, amitiara, maricor102, shancai, celint, queen0flove16, Nakano, StarlightO and LaLa5011!

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Film Spesial Idul Adha di Viki

Sebentar lagi kita akan merayakan hari raya Idul Adha, yang kali ini jatuh pada hari Jumat, 26 Oktober 2012. Ini berarti akhir pekan kali ini akan menjadi liburan akhir pekan yang lumayan panjang. Asyik! Nah, rencana apa saja yang sudah kamu siapkan untuk liburan akhir pekan ini?! Viki punya beberapa film menarik dengan tema perjuangan dan keberanian yang pastinya asyik untuk menemani kamu mengisi liburan Idul Adha kali ini.

Film Malaton didasarkan pada kisah nyata tentang perjuangan seorang anak autis yang berusaha menjadi juara lari maraton. Cho Won adalah seorang anak autis yang sangat senang lari. Ibunya, Kyeong Sook, sadar akan hal ini dan mulai mengarahkan dan mendukungnya untuk ikut lomba lari. Ikuti perjuangan Cho Won dalam mewujudkan mimpinya.


Film lain yang wajib kamu tonton di liburan kali ini adalah Herb. Film ini berkisah tentang Sang Eun, 20 tahun, gadis dengan keterbelakangan mental dan dengan pola pikir layaknya anak usia 7 tahun. Hari-harinya dihabiskan dengan membuat origami dan bermimpi tentang pangeran tampan dari buku yang dibacanya. Segala daya upaya dilakukan oleh sang ibu untuk melindungi Sang Eun. Meski begitu, ia mulai mengalami emosi layaknya orang dewasa ketika jatuh cinta dengan seorang perwira polisi. Sejauh manakah ibu Sang Eun dapat melindungi putri tercintanya?


For Horowitz adalah film lainnya yang bisa kamu tonton selama liburan ini. Cita-cita Ji Su adalah menjadi pianis besar seperti idolanya, Vladimir Horowitz. Namun karena kondisi keuangan keluarganya yang tidak memungkinkan, ia pun urung melanjutkan studinya dan memilih untuk menjadi guru piano. Apakah Ji Su akan bisa melanjutkan menggapai cita-citanya?

For Horowitz

Ketiga film di atas memberikan pesan yang dalam mengenai arti perjuangan dan keberanian, dan yang pasti, asyik untuk kamu tonton di liburan Idul Adha ini. Selamat menonton! :)


Hari Raya Special on Viki

We’re about to celebrate the Hari Raya Haj celebration, which is on October 26, 2012. This means that this weekend will be a long weekend in Indonesia. Yay! Do you have a plans for the holiday yet?! We have several good courage-and-sacrifice themed movies which we are sure you’ll enjoy watching this Hari Raya holiday.

Malaton is based on a real-life story of an autistic boy who wants to be a marathon champion. His mother, Kyeong Sook, realizes this and starts to direct and support him to join in running competitions.

Another must-watch movie for this holiday is Herb. This movie is about Sang Eun, 20 year-old, who is developmentally disabled and behaves like a 7-year-old. She spends her days making intricate origami designs and dreaming of marrying her Prince Charming, just like in the books she reads. Her mother dotes on her and tries to do everything in her power to shield her from harm. But Sang Eun begins to experience adult emotions when she falls in love with a police officer. How much longer can Sang Eun’s mother continue to protect her daughter?

For Horowitz is another movie that you can add to your holiday lineup. Kim Ji Su aspires to be a great classical pianist just like her idol, Vladimir Horowitz. But her dreams are crushed when her family is unable to pay for a musical education overseas. With no other options, Ji Su opens up a music studio and begins teaching other aspiring pianists.

These three movies deliver a deep and touching message about sacrifice and courage, and we are sure they will be great movies to watch during this holiday. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! :)

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Dress up for the Halloween Costume Contest!

Halloween is only a week away! Are you planning to dress up as your favorite anime character, K-Drama star or K-Pop idol to celebrate? Then share your costume photos with us for  chance to win a Viki gift bag! Still searching for some costume ideas?  Check out some of our ideas below, get inspired and you’re sure to be boo-tiful.

Viki Halloween Costume Contest

Maybe you will dress up as Psy and do your best Gangnam Style dance moves, or the lovely ladies of Orange Caramel in their new music video ‘Lipstick.’ Perhaps you will be an anime character like Lady Oscar from legendary anime ‘The Rose of Versailles.’ Or maybe you will recreate one of your favorite moments from a K-drama, like the most memorable moment of ‘The Greatest Love‘ when Gu Ae Jeong put on her frog costume for a game-show challenge and ran into a neatly dressed Dokko Jin in the hallway!

Gong Hyo Jin in the ‘Greatest Love’ with Cha Seung Won

In order to be eligible, share a photo of yourself in costume with us either on Twitter, or leave a link to your photo as a comment on this blog post. Your photos must be submitted before midnight October 31, 2012 (PST). The Viki team will select a winner on November 1, 2012. When entering make sure to let us know what inspired your costume! Groups are eligible to enter but we’ll only be sending one gift bag to the winner.

The winners will be selected based on creativity, and the authenticity to the inspiration outfit.

Good luck and Happy Halloween!


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New Feature: Special Project Badges

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Special Project Badges on profile pages. Now, if you navigate to your profile page, you’ll see a new section where you can see and collect badges!

Special Project Badges are awarded to community members who participate in special projects. Over time, we’ll be developing a series of badges released periodically, and each badge will represent a different project. For now, we’re starting with three special project badges to recognize our talented Community:
  • The Anime Badge: for any member of the Community who has participated in special anime subtitling projects or contributed at least 50 subtitles to an anime series
  • The Segmenting 101 Badge: for graduates of the Community’s own Segmenting 101 Project
  • The “Old School” Badge: only for Community members who have been a part of the Viki family since 2010 or earlier

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Full House 2 Available Worldwide!

The wait is finally over for Full House 2! After the incredible popularity of the first season, which starred Rain and Song Hye Gyo as a fake married couple, rumors of a “Take 2″ have been swirling for eight years. Now, fans worldwide can enjoy what is sure to be a hilarious, heartwarming, and unforgettable drama: watch the first episode on the Full House 2 Channel.

In Full House: Take 2 (풀하우스 테이크 2), the hard-working Jang Man Ok (played by Hwang Jung Eum) takes a job as a stylist for idol group, TAKE ONE, made up of perfectionist Lee Tae Ik (No Min Woo) and carefree Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki Woong). Tae Ik’s only motivation for becoming a singer is to buy back the home his parents used to own; but can he accomplish his goal and hold his idol group together at the same time? Falling in love wasn’t on Tae Ik’s agenda either, so it should be fun to see how he and his co-star fight to win the heart of the kind-hearted stylist, Man Ok.

The brooding, irritable Tae Ik reminds us of prickly actor, Young Jae, from the original Full House, with a bit of Jang Geun Suk’s Hwang Tae Kyung from You’re Beautiful mixed in. You might remember the handsome Noh Min Woo from  his singing days in The TRAX and 24/7, or his dark role in Midas. He also played a friendly vet in My Girlfriend is  Gumiho and a stylish chef in Pasta.

The other two stars bring a wealth of diverse acting experience to this project as well. We were captivated by Park Ki Woong most recently as the tragic villain, Shunji, in Bridal Mask, and as a jealous ex-lover in The Musical; we look forward to seeing him in a more light-hearted role! Hwang Jung Eum just finished her fast-paced medical drama, Golden Time, last month, and also gave us an award-winning performance in romantic drama, Can You Hear My Heart?.

Full House: Take 2 is available worldwide, and the Maid of House 2 Team is excited to bring you the best translations every Monday! The show is also available to viewers worldwide, except in: Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Follow the channel here to get updates when new episodes are released, meet other fans of the show, and pitch in to help with the subtitling!

Full House 2 premieres today on Viki

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