American Remake of ‘My Love From the Star’ Delayed

Fans of “My Love From the Star” were both ecstatic and hesitant when news broke last fall that major American broadcaster ABC was planning to adapt the widely popular 2014 Korean drama series for a U.S. audience. But it looks like the show was not included in the recently announced 2015-2016 season, fueling speculation that the project has been delayed or canceled.

A basic premise for the American version described a supernatural romance between a centuries-old superhero, “James,” and a beautiful actress, “Lark,” that appeared to stay true to writer Park Ji Eun’s original creation (as it should since she was slated to be an executive producer of the American version). Some saw it as a sign that Korean dramas were gaining recognition among wider audiences, while others were a bit worried that a remake would never be quite as good as the original (not to mention the American version of “Boys Over Flowers”).

Depending on which side of the tracks you fall on, it’s either good or bad news that the remake is not planned for ABC’s recently announced 2015-2016 season. HB Entertainment, which produced the original series, has not heard any update from ABC since February about the status of the remake. It’s possible that a pilot could be reordered for a future season or from another broadcaster, although there’s no confirmation at this time.

It looks like we may have to wait longer to see what an American version would look like, if it happens at all. What do you think — are you disappointed about this news or are you glad that ABC isn’t going forward with the remake? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Soompi

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